Know of an anthropology game that we’re missing? This is a growing list. Drop us a line and let us know!

Cards Against Anthropology


Cards Against Anthropology is “a shameless rip off of the game Cards Against Humanity” designed to promote classroom discussion of ethical challenges faced by anthropologists.

First Nations of Catan

First Nations of Catan is a set of modified rules for Settlers of Catan in which one player plays as the First Nations, the indigenous inhabitants of Catan, attempting to address the erasure of indigenous people in the original game.

Loy Loy


In Loy Loy each player takes the role of a Cambodian garment factory worker while contributing to their local savings group. The goal of the game is for the savings group to work together, saving, spending, and giving each other loans, so that they can save enough money to buy a their own clothing factory. You could think of Loy Loy as a sharing economy version of Monopoly.


“Potlatch, the game is a strategic, educational card game based on indigenous philosophies. It is designed to meet K-12 educational standards for teaching about native history, economics, culture, and government. Potlatch, the game,  was developed as a community effort with local elders and language experts. The game is written in both English and Lushootseed, the indigenous language of the Pacific Northwest. Game mechanics are based on sharing resources to meet other players’ needs for food, materials, technology, and knowledge.”




Yams! is a strategy card game set in the 1890s Trobriand Islands, where players compete to “bargain, steal and charm their way to the top through numerous yam harvests.” Unfortunately, Yams! is out of print.